Practice Drills

These practice drills have been developed and perfected by qualified PGA professionals with over 60 years of combined teaching experience. The key to these drills is that they are simple to perform and effectively correct swing faults through repetition and instinct, rather than conscious thought.

Using the correct drill will improve your game but be aware that practice drills are not "one size fits all". Performing a drill that is not prescibed to you by a PGA professional can have a detrimental effect on your game.

Drill 1 - Feet Together

  1. Place the ball on a short tee
  2. Ankles touching
  3. Maintain your posture
  4. Three quarter backswing
  5. Do not use any club longer than a 6 Iron

This drill will help you maintain your balance, keep your head steady and release the club correctly through the ball. It is also great as a warm up and to improve your timing.

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